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Microtia Reconstruction in Children

Microtia reconstruction in children is generally performed between 5 and 7 years of age. This is considered the ideal time for surgery as children have sufficient rib cartilage which can be utilized for correcting this congenital deformity. It would not be right to delay the surgery beyond this age, especially if any hearing impediment is to be addressed during the reconstruction process. Plus it can help avoid teasing at school and reduce any chances of lifelong psychological trauma.

Rib Cartilage Reconstruction

Rib cartilage reconstruction is an invasive procedure but it can be withstood by children with proper care and treatment. The surgery is performed in two stages with a gap of 4 months in between. This gives enough time for the ear to heal and undergo another surgery.

In the first stage, the required rib cartilage is taken from the patient’s body. It is then molded and sculpted to take the shape of the external ear. The plastic surgeon places the new framework beneath the skin at the site of the new ear. This allows the skin to cover the framework and give it the natural look of the new ear.

The second stage of the surgery involves elevating the ear from its side to give a natural projection. A small block of rib cartilage and skin tissue is introduced behind the ear pocket to provide support and stability.

If needed, the new ear can be pierced for wearing earrings. This is undertaken as a separate procedure and performed on an outpatient basis after administering local anesthesia.

Ear reconstruction can be done with artificial implants as well but it involves substantial risks. They do not last long and the chances of ear infection are quite higher.

Restoration of the Ear’s Form and Function

Houston, Texas is one of the many places where highly experienced and skilled plastic surgeons undertake microtia ear reconstruction in children. Board certified plastic surgeons here offer the procedure for both unilateral and bilateral conditions and successfully restore the ear’s form and function. Parents whose wards qualify for the corrective procedure can seek consultation with the specialists, take an informed decision and schedule a convenient date for surgery.

Microtia Treatment Texas – Houston Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery, the office of Dr. Sean Boutros provides numerous cosmetic and reconstructive procedures including microtia, breast reconstruction, rhinoplasty etc.

Are celebrities using children’s books to stay in favour with public

The latest in a long string of celebrities to write children’s books when the going gets tough, Barack Obama has joined the ranks of children’s authors with his book, Of thee I sing.

Bookstores across the world are filled with celebrity offerings and Obama is not the first celebrity to turn to writing children’s books when they have been perceived less than favourably in the press. Though admittedly, he is the first president to aim his work at children. n.

Well-known names such as Madonna (who released her first of six children’s books, The English Roses, back in 2003) and Sarah Ferguson (who has released a string of books throughout her many periods of disgrace) have jumped on the bandwagon.

It is thought that these celebrities (including former First-Lady, Hilary Clinton) believe that by showing their softer, compassionate side, will regain the public’s trust and respect after falling from grace. Take Jordan, a.k.a Katie Price, for example – after a string of allegations and accusations in the press, Jordan released her sparkly pink offering, My Pony Care book.

Obama has provided himself some saving grace, in the form of all his proceeds going to charity. All money gained from sales of the publication will benefit the Fisher House Foundation, a charity dedicated to the children of soldiers wounded or killed in battle, and Obama is not giving any interviews in relation to the release.

Other cynics have also attributed the celebrities’ enthusiasm to the success achieved by the phenomenally popular Harry Potter books, which made JK Rowling both a celebrity and a millionaire. Custom assistance in training online. Academic paper writing help always available. Contact us at any time.

Despite the fact that many cynics see celebrities’ writing ambitions as a money-making enterprise, it can be argued that it doesn’t matter who’s written the books; if children are more inclined to sit down and read just because their favourite celebrity is attached to the novel, where is the harm?

By reading more, children widen their vocabulary and advance their development. This outcome is positive even if the books themselves may ultimately be a cynical attempt at making cash and creating publicity.

Children and acute bronchitis

The first thing to know is what is bronchitis. When the airways become swollen or irritated, you have acute bronchitis. This condition, bronchitis almost always causes coughing and a few other respiratory problems. People mostly refer to bronchitis as a chest cold. This condition is most frequent in the winter time. Because this season is mostly known for colds or for the flue, this is the reason why acute bronchitis is common in the winter. Bronchitis first start when at first you have had an upper respiratory problem. Children are more at risk of developing acute bronchitis than adults are. The illness, either flu or the cold starts to spread from the nose and your throat to the airways, thus causing bronchitis. Acute bronchitis is not a very serious illness, unlike chronic bronchitis. The maximum period that one can have acute bronchitis is about two weeks and the minimum is as less as five days. However, short the period of time that you can have bronchitis, coughing, which is the trade mark for bronchitis can last even after the illness has been cured.

The main reason that one develops acute bronchitis is because of an infection. Almost all infections that then lead to acute bronchitis are caused by a virus. Acute bronchitis can also be caused by bacteria or a fungus, but these are very rare cases of bronchitis infection. Furthermore, you can also develop acute bronchitis if you are exposed daily to chemicals that get into your body through air. Smoke, dust or vapors can also cause acute bronchitis. If you live in an area that is polluted, the risk of developing acute bronchitis is higher and you are also more at risk of recurrence of bronchitis. There is also another problem if the child or person lives around people that smoke, his/ her chances of developing acute bronchitis are much higher.

Your child is also more at risk of developing acute bronchitis, if she/ he also suffers from other medical problems. The main problems that one can have and thus increase the risk of bronchitis are allergies, asthma, heart problems and recurring problems with tonsils. Children who are born early, premature babies also have an increased risk of developing acute bronchitis. vaccinations against germs may be a helpful way to decrease the risk of developing acute bronchitis, especially in children. Be also very careful not to smoke around the child.

For more resources about bronchitis or especially about bronchitis symptoms please visit

KAS ICT Helps Children To Achieve Successful Careers In The Entertainment Industry

KAS ICT is a well-known acting institution that helps students in achieving successful careers in the film, TV, commercial and print industry. They offer courses designed to teach children the skills needed to get an edge in the entertainment industry. Their lessons help your kids to let go of frustrations, fear, and anxieties while gaining self-confidence, improving social interaction skills and enhancing creativity and imagination. These classes help them to become more comfortable in dealing with new challenges and problems in their lives.

Some of the benefits of joining KAS ICT courses are that they enhance your child’s confidence and comfort in front of audience, and are a great asset for them. They are an excellent way of improving communication and presentation skills and these also hone their social skills. The ability to communicate effectively with other kids helps them in their personal and professional relationships. The acting classes for teens are centered around encouraging and praising each student for who they are and teaching them to use their own personality and charm in their roles. Here, kids learn to create a unique, original character and they are also taught to live naturally and effortlessly on camera.ra.

Faculty at KAS ICT includes film/TV/commercial and print industry professionals who have been working in the industry for many years. They have an extremely identifiable track record in the industry. These dedicated teachers allow child actors to be part of most of the work which can be watched on television and at movie theaters. This institution provides courses that are designed to teach children the skills needed to get an edge in the highly competitive entertainment industry. They have been helping students to become effective communicative artists for many years. They work to help them achieve success and work in films, television and commercials, as well as obtain employment in the fashion or commercial modeling world. For more details, please browse through .

Securing Love For Eternity – Children’s Memorial

The parting of a loved one, a child in particular, is most painful. In times of grief a memorial that speaks of the purity and innocence of the child can allow for the sweetest of the memories to linger. It is not easy to come to terms with the loss of a loved one but by installing a memorial with a personal touch, it is possible to show respect and love, which in turn can help the family. Children’s memorials can be designed with a favorite quote on granite cut in a beautiful shape for easy placement near gravesite.

Memorials built to last

You would want your child to live forever in some way or the other. A memorial built for your child is one way of ensuring it. A good memorial is built to last. A baby memorial that reminds you and others about the love that bonded you with your child will be ever comforting. Good memorials are hand built in desired shapes, size and weight for easy installation near gravesite. They will stand all weathers and the engravings will serve to be reminder of love.

Ordering memorial

It is never easy to choose a baby memorial. Choosing one can however help you feel that you have bid farewell in the most fitting manner. It will also help you remember your child. During your time of grief, a good memorial monument seller can help you in making a choice. He can help you choose from different shapes of memorial cut from granite. Adequate space will be provided for engraving names, dates and an inscription that will last forever. It is also possible to add a motif. You can choose one from an existing selection or request something. You can be certain that all efforts will be made to meet your demand. What is also important is the people who serve you. For many parents, it is the kindness and the empathy of people which helps them make an effort to come to terms with their grief. A good children memorial monument seller will serve you with the emotion and respect that the situation warrants.

Easy ordering and delivery

A good memorial monument supplier understands the state of mind and body during this time of grief. You can easily order monuments and ashes caskets from the website of the supplier. In a few clicks you will be done ordering. The cost is affordable and making a payment is simple. You can be sure that your order will reach you well ahead of time.

Affordable Memorial is a place where you can find desired memorial for your loved ones. At affordable memorials, we offer Cemetery Monuments,Traditional Memorials,Stone Memorials

Learn To Play The Violin Why Violin Lessons Benefit Your Children

It is a proven fact that music stimulates the brain, and that a baby or child who is exposed to classical music responds and interacts well. It is never too early to expose your child to classical music education. In fact, many expecting mothers give their unborn babies a headstart in life by listening to classical music before their baby is born. One way of giving your child the extra edge in life is to let your child take violin lessons to learn to play the violin.

So why are violin lessons beneficial to your children?

Firstly, your child will improve on coordination skills:

Learning to play the violin involves coordinating ones left hand with ones right hand. The left hand will need to learn to finger the violin strings correctly so the right tone and pitch is achieved to play a song. The right hand will need to hold the violin bow correctly and bow the right string to produce the right tone. Playing the violin involves the coordination of both left and right hand. As such when you send your child to violin lessons, you are letting your child learn how to fully utilize both his left and right brain.

Secondly, playing the violin develops your childs brain

In playing the violin, your child will need to learn to recognise the right tone and pitch when bowing and fingering the violin so as to play a song to the right pitch. This promote the neuron and brain cell connection and develops the intelligence level of your child. Think of it as brain gymnastics. Your child exercises his brains and stretches it to its full potential. As such your child will benefit in other areas, with improved reasoning skills, abstract reasoning and mathematics.

Thirdly, learning to play the violin give enhances your childs confidence

It is not easy to learn to play the violin for the above reasons. So when your child manages to learn to play the violin, he will have a sense of accomplishment and feel confident. This confidence will translate to other areas of his life.

You may also want to take this a step further when your child has reach a certain level of playing the violin, to expose your child to solo or group violin performance. It is usually unnerving for a young child to perform in front of a big audience. However if your child is exposed to this couple of times, it will enhance his confidence even more.

Fourthly, taking violin lessons teaches your child the concept of perseverance

In the beginning, your child will feel that the violin lessons are difficult and he cannot manage. But if you encourage him and he finally learns to master and play the violin, he will understand the concept of perseverance. This will aid him in whatever he chooses to do in life later.

Helpful Teens Summer Programs for Children

Summer camp programs are exclusive programs for each boy and girl to enhance their skills and personality. Each kid is exclusively designed and has his own individual curiosity and longings. Teens summer camp are established to meet the exceptionality of each child. Every young man is recognized for knowledge, running, playing, joking and enjoying life to its extreme.

The unique camp provides numerous programs that are chosen to offer each child with a testing summer filled with enhancement of skills for technical programming, football, basketball, and other sports. Learn more about how this program can advantage your kid. Girls summer camp offers an thrilling and elevating away from home familiarity. Most of the outdoor sites are situated on a beautiful Lake and natural areas.

There are more than five hundreds of camping programs available in USA. Some of them are Georgia camps for kids and Christian camps for girls. The scenic beauty of the centers is just idyllic for children. USA has a great range of positions appropriate for outdoors. Especially for the boys, programs are held in Texas and California.

There are numbers of courses and activities accessible for small kids offering swimming classes and horse back riding. Some non-profit government organizations look after the management of these centers. Parents are advised to choose most appropriate camping programs for children based on their hobbies and requirements.

Parents can choose summer programs for their children during the summer vacations in school. This can be done while asking the needs and interests of the children. Youth are capable to take pleasure in the beauty of outdoor activities while experiencing the curriculum assortment of their preference. Each program is exceptionally planned to be the desires and skills of boys and girls. Programs obtainable include mountain biking, mountaineering, river rafting, paragliding and others. The camps are managed by most experienced trainers, counselors and licensed coaches. Various Michigan sports summer programs are also there which support teenagers to choose career in desired sports.

Summer programs are finest for children overall growth. In the starting parents were not so much aware about the camping and recreational programs but now they are fully aware and send their children for outdoor activities. The centers are prearranged for various reasons. It can be partitioned into many categories like sports centers, swimming centers, therapeutic camps, educational centers, technical programs and special need programs.

Weight loss camps are other most preferred programs by the families for their overweight kids to get slim and fit physique. All these centers can be either day training centers or overnight centers or residential programs. This is completely at the camp directors prudence. Sometimes the girls and boys camps are organized separately, sometimes co-ed schools are also held.

Review detailed information on Florida teens summer camping with the help of site. To get more information on specialized summer camping, wilderness camps and swimming classes visit this site.

Alarm Clocks for Children

To choose an alarm clock radio that would help your child get up in the mornings would be to have your child select it. This radio should have numbers that are big and easy to read. It would help if it had a light and a snooze button. Alarm clocks for kids is a good tool in providing a child to learn how to tell time. However, they can also teach a child to manage time.

There are quite a variety of kids’ radios on the market today, and inexpensive. To name a few they are Tweety, Hello Kitty, Emerson, Telemania, and Disney.

You can set the alarm on your child’s radio to go off at a certain time to prepare him, or her, to wake up, go to sleep, time for meals, take a nap, etc.

It is wonderful to know that nowadays kids are no longer awakened by shaking them, or by a loud whistle, or some other kind of item with a loud noise.

Sometimes waking up to music with an alarm clock radio can involve your child in the different forms of communication that a radio can provide. There are many radio programs for children, one of them being Radio Disney, which is a radio network located in Burbank, California. This station broadcasts music and other things for children and young teenagers.

Other stations include 60 seconds, Celebrity Take With Jake, Code Word of the Day, Family Portrait, Music Mailbag, Next Big Thing, Planet Premiere, Park Pop Question, Power Prize, Radio Rewind, and Saturday Night Move It Party.

These clock radios come in all colors and styles and it would not be hard to have your child select one that he or she will cherish. Kids like decorated clocks with pictures of characters and animals. Aside from this, they will brighten your child’s room.

See the kids alarm clocks.

Children and Print The Historical Power of Children’s Books

Board books are often a child’s first introduction to the world of print. Designed with infants and toddlers in mind, these specialty children’s books are chunky, with thick, study pages perfect for a young child’s exploring touch. Like most children’s books, board books are usually labeled with a target age range by the publisher. Board books are generally intended for children from birth to three years old.

Early children’s books come in many titles. Many classics of children’s literature are available in board book format, from the works of Dr. Seuss to bedtime staples like Goodnight Moon. These titles allow even the very youngest children to enjoy the whimsical stories and colorful illustrations of favorite stories without worry about torn pages.

Pocket sized board books often come in themed collections. Favorite children’s characters often star in collections of board books, which often come in creative packaging, intended to make getting the books out and putting them away just as much fun for your child as reading them. Other collections focus on a theme, such as letters of the alphabet.

Perhaps the most popular style of board book is the simple picture book. Each heavy, cardboard page contains a single word or concept, paired with a matching illustration. Available on subjects from dinosaurs and cars to colors and shapes, these children’s books build familiarity with basic early learning concepts and introduce the idea that words represent things we see around us.

Board books come in a range of different sizes. Small, pocket sized board books are perfect for crawling infants who are just learning to manipulate objects, while larger books are ideal for the toddler who wants a book just like Mommy’s.

The physical construction of board books is designed to withstand the rough treatment of children too young to know better. Unlike traditional bound paper books, the thick cardboard pages of board books are virtually indestructible. They resist tearing and make it easier for clumsy young fingers to turn pages.

Board books are also an exceptionally affordable addition to the family library. Small full color picture books are often priced at just a few dollars per title, while larger, full size full color books are priced around the same as hardcover children’s books. Building a collection of board books for the child in you life is an inexpensive way to provide an early introduction to the importance and enjoyment of reading.

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